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  • A guide for optional content


    This entry is basically an extension to the beginner's guide and explains features that are not necessary to know at the beginning - a lot of extras, so to speak.


    Achievement (or medal, rather) hunting


    Like many other sites, we also have trophies and medals that players can try to unlock. Trophies are automatic and will be awarded to you by the system. They consist of things that can easily be tracked by the plugin, like post count, membershop points spent etc. They are pretty simple and not the main focus of the plugin.

    Medals, on the other hand, are the main feature and achievements that can be custom made but have to be awarded by an admin. There are different categories like roleplay, membershop and so on. Trying to get all of them is something I consider impossible or extremely time-consuming so only go for the ones that interest you. The best thing about them is that they can give you a lot of new objectives (and bragging rights) which is especially useful if you aren't sure what to do. Want to travel somewhere? Try World traveler and meet Non-Eophrims along the way to achieve Unusual friends (or maybe What even is that? if you are lucky) or try one of the many other ones.


    Getting medals will also grant you points depending on the difficulty of the medal (another reason to go after them). The difficulties are:

    Very easy or nothing: 0

    Easy: 100

    Medium: 250

    Hard: 500

    Very hard: 1000

    Insane: 5000




    Groups are a good way to create more RPing spaces for specific groups of characters, like an organization, since you can also post as characters within them. This is useful if you, for example, want to play out scenes that involve a certain group and you don't want to play it out in the RP forums for one reason or another. An example scene would be a meeting of the higher-ups of a company. You can also create groups for other purposes.


    Members shop


    We have a members shop that allows you to spend digital currency on various things, like pinning your topic, changing your Discord color in our Discord server, creating a personal subforum etc. These points are collected by roleplaying although you can also get a few when replying in the Character wanted ads forums, posting a member introduction (introducing yourself will gain you 100 points) or posting in the Showcase forum. We want to encourage RPing and related activities that way.
    New members get 1000 points as a welcoming bonus!


    Discord RPers do not get automatic points for RPing (since the plugin cannot be linked to the Discord) so you are occassionally rewarded from time to time, especially for good scenes.




    Breakthroughs are part of the member shop but also its own system. The way how breakthroughs work is that you and other players can buy breakthrough "items" that will not get you anything but advance that science. If a field of science is "sold out", a story or event will be triggered that introduces the breakthrough into the world. Like, if players get Essence sciences [1] 10 times - that is 10.000 points in total but funded by multiple people - then its respective breakthrough will be triggered. Breakthroughs in a field of science will get more expensive after each breakthrough, meaning that a field of science with [2] will be more expensive than one with [1].
    You can click on one of them to see a hint for the next breakthrough.

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