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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Recruiting: Courier Champion is looking for more journalists to join their team! Contact miss Aravis for more information.

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    Pine Hollow

    Welcome to Pine Hollow, home and sanctuary of the supernatural. Werewolves run the police department; ghouls run the local mortuary. Life in the town is quaint, peaceful. Supernatural folk of all kind come here to find a home. Scratch that. Welcome to Pine Hollow. You can erase the human, but you can’t erase the human traits. Greed, lust, envy, pride - they are all very much alive in the hearts of the residents. If territorial lines were so clear, Pine Hollow would be a map. But...it isn’t. Blood spills, conflicts arise. Corruption, desire, subterfuge. Werewolves run the police department but they’re funded by an empire that sits on the skeletons of the nation. The dead don’t stay dead in Pine Hollow. Nothing stays dead in Pine Hollow. Secrets scatter like ashes in the wind. Pine Hollow may be home to the supernatural, but make no mistake: Peace is an illusion. INDEX • PLOT • SPECIES • RULES • DISCORD • ADVERTS
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  4. JACFC HOME ϟ PHILOSPHY ϟ CONCEPT ϟ RULES ϟ APP ϟ AD FORUM Canonless Potter Roleplay ϟ No Word Count ϟ Jcink Premium ϟ Active 14+ Years We solemnly swear that we are up to no good. JOIN THE MISCHIEF!
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  6. H O M E • R U L E S • S E T T I N G • A D V E R T I S E
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    Present Day San Francisco, USA Setting | Rules | Races | Wanted/Adpotable | Advertise Things were peaceful until the church, Our Light of Hope, arrived in San Francisco. Most of humanity remains in the dark, but the Church has begun exposing the things that go bump in the night. And they don’t seem to be alone in exposing the things in the shadows. Now, young vampires are dying from an unknown cause. Werewolves and faerie have started to go missing. The supernatural world may be exposed and are now vulnerable which has caused fighting and chaos among the races. Is it the church or has a new adversary stepped onto the stage? The world is changing. What will be your Resolution? What We Offer: •••18+ setting •••1 yr active •••Friendly and helpful staff and members •••Freedom in creativity •••LBGT Friendly •••Multicultural •••Relaxed rules and atmosphere •••Active Discord Server
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    Verum Videre

    Home | Rules | Plot | Faces | Want Ads | Canons | Discord | Avertising 18+ | Master/slave and Supernatural site | LGBTQ+ Friendly | Easy Apps | 3 3 3 Rating Supernatural beings have existed since the beginning of time. Some coexist without any problems while others hide away from the others, trying not to be found. In a modern-day society with futuristic technology, it's hard to stay hidden forever. Slavery has also existed since the beginning and continues to flourish to this day. The world government created Placement Tests to give each person a chance to be free or to be a slave. Will the species ever get along? Where will you end up? Come find out at Verum Videre! We just opened on 7/26/2019 so we don't have many members, yet, but we are a welcoming and friendly community ready to help everyone who joins!
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    Pokemon Halcyon

    Grand Opening! Come join us on Pokemon Halcyon! Where every choice your character makes could effect the entire continent of Lemuria! Will you choose to topple the monarchy...or to save it? Index | Rules | Lore Tell them Finnick sent you!
  13. website | forum You are a Witch, struggling for survival, supremacy, and knowledge on the glittering streets of New York City. Mundanes have a reason to be afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the entities that surround you. Two years ago, the veil that separated the real world from the one beyond shattered, ushering in a new era. As the belief of the occult grew among the masses, so did the ranks of a newly reformed Inquisition. Concerned for their survival, the supernatural community banded together to sign the Accords: an agreement between the rival covens, occult sects, faeries and unmentionable horrors to maintain some semblance of order. So tell me, are you a good witch or a bad witch? Mature Warning: contains graphic and written content of a mature nature, including violence, sexual themes, and strong language. Player discretion is advised, rated 3/3/3.
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    Sweet Dreams

    [align=center] Home – Plot – Face Claim – Adverts Sweet Dreams is a slice of life with dream twists. In Aberdeen and New Haven, Washington that sense of déjà vu isn’t just a feeling. Pay close attention to your dreams and you will see future chance encounters, at least that is what the locals say. Will you follow your dreams or keep sleeping?[/align]
  15. >> Home << We are pleased to inform you that Hogwarts AU RPG has officially relaunched! It's a Hogwarts experience unlike any you've seen before - with everything designed specially for our wide range of plots and features. We have a variety of our own items, magical creatures, quests, skills, customised dormitories, and more. Set in the early 2000s, this isn't Harry Potter's story - it's ours. There's a few familiar Professors, but all students are non-canon - created by members and staff. A new school year has just begun.
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    Heard & Witnessed

    Index | Dragons | Whers | Rules | Timeline | Advertisement Towards the end of the 9th Pass, AIVAS was resurfaced on the southern continent of Pern, lifting with it old plans to forever eradicate the pest known as Thread that fell as the Red Star passed by their home planet. The Red Star, a parasitic planet itself, was moved out of its orbit to stop the passes and eliminate the threat of their mortal enemy. The 10th Interval started, and for 200 long turns, the pernese held their breaths until the next Pass was to start. Once the turn 2758 came… … And nothing happened. It seemed that AIVAS’ predictions had come true. Thread was to no longer plague the planet as all who had feared. There were those who refused to believe it, and as the turns went on, those with the fearful beliefs were held as nothing more than fear-mongers. Peace was settling in. Disputes broke out and resolved between Weyr and Hold as everyone found a new place to settle with the sudden lack of duty dragonriders held. Golds clutched less, the Weyrs slowly thinned out as dragons took to their own paths outside the protection of their walls. But it was sometime around the middle of what would have been the 11th Pass when the people of Pern started to witness the strange happenings around them. The tides began to retract further from the Southern coastlines, while the tides began to creep up on the Northern continent. Where there were dry crops now have shifted to large rice fields, else the people risk starvation. Dragon sports began to crop up in clutches in different Weyrs, and soon began to pop up in clutches everywhere -- with wild colors in whers and firelizards following shortly behind. In the depths of the oceans, something stirs and churns the waters. Dark shapes seem to slip below the surface, especially around boats in danger upon the waters. Now, in 3507, as the world begins to leave what would be the 11th Interval and what would have been the 12th pass, the state of Pern is creeping into utter chaos. Fort Weyr has but one young, inexperienced gold left who has yet to rise, with an old, bitter bronze to take the mantle and refuse any help offered to them. Rising tides have reached the edge of the old Weyr in need of repair. Igen Weyr is creeping into the hot season amidst a desert. Resources are badly needed, but barters flow freely in any attempts to comfort the people. Telgar Weyr stands at the top of the world, with the frozen wastes still trying to chase them out as the summer creeps in. Their limited growing season has just begun as the ice and snow melts, and a heavily-gravid Gold Khamaith has graced Telgar Weyr with a healthy clutch! (17 PC Eggs) Heard & Witnessed is a Dragonriders of Pern AU, set after AIVAS’ launch of the red star. The long stretch of peace has turned the world upside down -- almost literally. With the planet on the verge of tearing itself apart, both figuratively and literally, only time will tell if there’s still time to save it. What we offer: -No Gender/Sexuality-based Impressions -LGBTQA+ Friendly -Multiple non-canon colors and mutation friendly. -Multiple PC Weyrs for a wide arrangement of playstyle and plots. -Multi-layered plot with opportunity everywhere -Candidate swap! -Something out on the ocean horizon…? -Ranked positions open! Queen contests on the horizon. -Clutch on the sands at Telgar Weyr with a confirmed queen! 17 PC eggs! Touching is due to start June 28th, with the hatching to start July 12th. Candidates are eligible until July 11th. Join our Discord today!
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    Digimon: Kids in America!

    [align=center] Home | Plot | Link Back[/align]
  18. A smuggling ring wanted to deliver something to a client in Meshaven. However, the delivery person went missing and now it is believed that they just stole the delivery and kept it for themselves. Whether that is true or not doesn't matter - find them and bring the delivery back. Kill the delivery person if necessary.
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    Final Chance Weyr

    Final Chance Weyr Home - History - Dragons - Whers - Availability At the start of a long Interval, a virulent disease breaks out among dragonkin. While three of every four infected whers eventually recover, the disease is fatal for dragons and flits without exception. Highly contagious through breath, and able to be transferred among dragonkin by humans too, quarantine is entirely ineffective. It soon becomes clear that dragons will imminently go extinct, and a radical plan is devised to avert this. Three gravid queens will go forward in time, laying there eggs in a time when, it is assumed, the disease will have died out. As the long Interval draws to a close, a patrol of whers hears a desperate cry for help from three queen dragons - but dragons have been believed extinct for almost 400 Turns. The whers and their handlers arrive to three clutches worth of dragon eggs, but the mother golds are gone, for if they stayed they would surely infect their offspring with the fatal disease. The handlers quickly erect a Weyr around the eggs, scrambling to assemble substantial candidates, and remain to usher in and guide the new generation of dragons. Now the dragons have hatched, but while some are healthy, there are many abnormalities among them - strange colours, deformities, peculiar congenital illnesses - will these dragons be able to fight Thread, expected in just six Turns’ time? And will Pern accept them?? Across the continent, at Fort Hold, purists smart at the thought of dragons under wher control; what will this discord mean for Pern? Features * Follow the revival of the dragon population from scratch * Five non-canon dragon ranks with more potentially to come * All female dragonkin able to clutch * A strong emphasis on wher handlers * Several high-rankers available * Wher hatching currently underway * New and player-involved plots are on the horizon * Brand new points store, with exciting new things to purchase * Character creation bonus in effect
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    Affiliate with us!

    Hello! Arkenstone is currently affiliated with you but unfortunately we are having to close. We wanted to give you a heads up so you could remove our button!
  22. home — premise — face claims — discord
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    Order of the Obsidian Ink

    Rules | Site Plot | Timeline | FAQs | Want Ads | Canons Order of the Obsidian Ink is a 3/3/3 mature premium panfandom board loosely based in the Inkheart and Into the Badlands fandoms and takes place around 550 years in a dystopian future. The main board plots revolve around two groups, The Order of the Obsidian Ink and The Ascended who are at odds over how the world should be since the wars and natural disasters that ravaged the earth. Don't know anything about either of those fandoms? That's perfectly fine, the board's framework is loosely based out of them, but the present-day plots are completely AU. Not interested in joining either of these groups with your characters? That's fine! There is an entire world to explore, we encourage people to spread out and grow your own plots, start your own groups. Think of us like your roleplay fairy godmothers, if you can dream it, we want to help you find a way for it to be realised. There are very few restricted fandoms and character types. We have a loose 150-word count in the main areas, but we also offer a comms and rapid-fire area for people more comfortable with shorter posts and a faster pace. Any questions feel free to pop in cbox or hop over to our discord server that can be found here!
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    Mercenary sponsoring

    A mercenary could be built but since it would not be a building owned by the country, the mercenaries have to pay for it themselves. There is a mission that could bring in enough money to construct the camp and which can only be taken by mercenaries. Or rather - missions. The group that attempts this will have to choose a sponsor which can lead to a different mission depending on the client. It is only possible to choose one since the others will hire different mercenaries after you choose one. Visganro: A great power of Monoria with ridiculous amounts of money that is seen as a haven for mercenaries looking for work since their main force consists of mercenaries. It is hard to say what their mission would be. Zacez: A great power that is highly democratic but hates Non-Eophrims. A mission from them could entail to hunt some of them but it could be something else. The Etingnean Empire: An empire that has existed for hundreds of years and is still slowly expanding. They had a change in rulership recently so there are some regions with a bit more unrest than usual that might need a control check to see if no rebels are gathering. Kurhkas: Kurhkas is a stratocracy - led by the military - that split off the Atypian Empire in the past to become its own country. They have recently gotten into colonization and might prefer to use foreigners to scout out islands to keep their main force home.
  25. Fortune, New England: One of the most haunted places in the North East. A reputation well earned, inked in the blood of all the missing people and gruesome murders that plague the town. Its own unique pestilence. What no one knows is that not-too-far beyond the town’s reach, nestled into the woods is a magically protected place known as Tzarah. A town of demons, witches, werewolves, vampires–monsters. Creatures of nightmares. Behind the magical gates, they partake in all sorts of unsavory acts, varying in depravity from the illicit to the unconscionable. It’s a lesson hard-learned, but eventually, everyone comes to understand. Nothing good happens in Fortune, New England. -------------- What Lies Beyond is an 18+ Jcink Premium, member-driven site. We have a friendly, active member base, host seasonal and random events and have limited activity requirements. We've been open for a year, and are still going strong! Index - Basic Information - Wanted Ads - Advertisements - Discord
  26. Home | Rules | Plot | Family Tree | Map | Advertise Whether you are heartbroken or relieved at the lack of Game of Thrones episodes to look forward to, Westeros is eager to welcome you again. This time on your terms. Join us and play a part in creating your own adventures in an alternate universe as an entirely new and fresh roster of characters battles for the Iron Throne. The forum encourages creativity while offering a thematic site-based plot to weave into your stories. A writing focused venture with a simple and reliable dice-roll based feature to resolve any in-character conflicts. Think David and Dan, replaced by Dungeons and Dragons.
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