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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
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  4. " The village and the city could never live in harmony " Summers Past is an active and friendly roleplay, open since 2015. We've no word count, no activity requirements, and we are open to everyone regardless of writing ability, former roleplay experience, or familiarity with the Harvest Moon franchise! Why not pop on over and see what you think?
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    The daughter of a general

    The daughter of Falzaar Name: x Detiruan ( The country Falzaar is from doesn't exist anymore so I didn't bother to create naming conventions for them but I'd say they have a double aa somewhere in their first name.) Race: Gallert Gender: Female Nationality: Etingnean Origin: The country of Zedanzar - before it got conquered by the Etingnean Empire and ceased to exist. Profession: Student Major: [Your choice] Semester: 1 Hometown: Etingnun Living situation: Lives together with her father Aptitude: [Only give her one if she has combat as major] Pet: A trusty wealthbird that always follows her around. (optional) Social class: Upper middle class More info: The daughter of general Falzaar. He was once a champion of a kingdom that got conquered by the Etingnean Empire. At first, he held a grudge against them but decided to put it past him and even got promoted to a general by the Empire. He's loyal towards them now but it's up to you what his daughter thinks about all this - she could either be rebellious and hate the Empire for taking away her father's home (but hiding it since she is still part of the Imperial Academy and doesn't want to disappoint her father) or be the opposite. She's still young which is why he likes to pamper her, plus she's his only child and became especially important to him after his wife died. When it comes to her character and other things there are no real limitations and it should be easy to work something out together.  She could, for example, be spoiled and think that she has a right to get certain things or she's modest and doesn't want to be a bother to others. As a student of the Imperial Academy, she will often have to deal with other students, especially Etingnean ones, so your decision whether she dislikes the Empire or likes it is important for how she acts around them.
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    There isn't really anything defined about Menepolete except their position on the map. So if you want to play a nation and design it yourself but you don't want to come up with a name or shape, Menepolete might be a good idea to take.
  9. Zorzozu is an undefined country that can be shaped in almost any way you like although I would suggest that they are not too aggressive or get the idea to poison water since that could quickly get them crushed by almost all other Shazanian countries. They are in an important position since they control the external peak of Shazan, where most of its water flows down to the rest of the continent. There is a vast number of lakes so the Zorzozu usually build a lot of settlements on top of them. If they are friendly, you can be assured that other Shazanian countries will protect them since keeping the water of Shazan is important. Their goals could be of a cultural or diplomatic nature (you don't always need wars to make a country's playstyle interesting).
  10. Capital: Darcinas Language: Kurhkasic (which was created using Atypian as a base, so there are some similarities) Demonym: Kurhkaser Government: Stratocracy Year of establishment: 3612 AEE Has Datanet: Yes Lore entry Kurhkas was once part of the Atypian Empire but gained Independence once it started to crumble, making them their own country. However, Kurhkas has still kept the traditions of the imperial army alive, even more than Atypia, the actual descendants of the empire. They do not think too kindly of their bigger neighbor but do not really feel threatened by them. Kurhkas swore itself that, if Atypia ever rose to become an empire again, they would be first to try to stop them (even if that will probably never happen). Their government is controlled by the military and they are proud of the quality of their troops, even if they aren't that big. Possible goals: - Becoming a colonial power (still very far away from that) - Increasing the quality of their troops - Keeping an eye on Atypia - Gaining more recognition and respect - Possibly expanding west or northwest Difficulty: Medium, they are not threatened by anyone but aren't really too recognized by the rest of the world
  11. Capital: Stenwernk Culture group: Ladunrur Culture: Abridur Language: Abriduran Demonym: Abriduran Government: There is no government ruling all of the country per se since cities are each ruled by a gentlemen's club but each one sends one assemblyman to form a temporary parliament when it comes to national and international politics Year of establishment: Around 3580 AEE Has Datanet: Yes Lore entry Abridur was once part of the Ladunrur kingdom before it was reduced to nothingness. Their country is controlled by various gentlemen's clubs and each city is in the grips of one although the club in charge could always change. There is no centralized government and each club in control of a city sends out an assemblyman to form a parliament for decisions. As such, you do not really play a ruler but rather take control of that temporary parliament (you could still make a character for it, though). Some of their clubs are rumored to have connections with the mob or other shady folks. Abridur's external politics are still not set in stone so you are free to set their path. Possible goals: - Keeping the clubs in power - Protecting their cities from the fog - Self-set goals by the player Difficulty: Medium, they are neither in a particularly great nor bad situation.
  12. Capital: Rindullda Language: Dagrindan Demonym: Pulludarian Government: The country is ruled by the death cult that is widely spread within the country Year of establishment: 3660 AEE Has Datanet: No, they do not have the right infrastructure Lore entry Pulluda is a country that can be seen as the most legitimate successor of the kingdom of Dagrinda. They are ruled by a death cult and favor Revisyt-tamers. Despite their love for the dead, they have no qualms about resurrecting their corpses in the form of Revisyts that control them. They are usually anti-technology and do not want anything to do with high tech, mostly because their infrastructure could not support it as they are mostly living in ruin cities. For a death cult, they are actually quite welcoming and often misunderstood, especially because many countries despise Revisyts. They have a unique government that is similar to a theocracy, so they could actually convert others (which is extremely hard because they are just a cult and not a full religion). Possible goals: - Keeping the death cult under the rulership of the current branch that is the most peaceful one and much better than, for example, the one that wants to bring living sacrifices back - Keeping their borders safe from unfriendly neighbors - Catching up in military technologies - Making Revisyts and their tamers more accepted - The goals could change drastically if a different branch of the cult seizes power Difficulty: Medium to hard, their low technology makes things a bit harder for them and they are not well-liked by their neighbors.
  13. Capital: Tirarl Language: Lufduru Demonym: Tirarlian Government: Direct democracy Year of establishment: Around 2050 AEE Has Datanet: Yes Lore entry Tirarl is a city-state that exists because of Lufdurian settlers that split off the main country. They are protected by a peaceful Gigant that deters any attackers and they are peaceful people that are not interested in war. I'll be honest and say there isn't much reason to play as them but maybe you can find something to make them interesting to play as. Possible goals: - Staying at peace - Engaging in trade with other countries - Improving their city and making it grow - Bettering their relationship with Lufdurus Difficulty: Easy, they are guaranteed by a few other countries and not hated by anyone except maybe Lufdurus. Their peaceful nature makes it hard for them to get into a war.
  14. Important: Dernaro is an empire, so you will need to acquire this item first if you want to play as them. Dernaro is a monarchic empire that focuses on acquiring new vassals instead of just conquering everything. Their culture has a strict caste system and they heavily empathize the relation between master and servant, mostly how a servant should always listen to their master. As such, their nobility has a lot of power and servants but, on the other hand, still serves under the royal family. Dernaro is highly conservative and not interested in changing their ways. Non-Eophrims only serve as slaves for them and they do not understand how you could view them as friends. Possible goals: - Going for the Slaver medal - Keeping vassals in check and always loyal - Acquiring new vassals - Getting strong enough to rival Darcden - Protecting their vassals (they start out with Sildan, Fnurs, and Bisder as their vassals. If you decided to play Dernaro, you could put up country adoptables for them or just make entries for them as NPC countries) Difficulty: Easy, they are strong and have vassals that serve as a shield. The only possible difficulty could be that their vassals try to gain independence if Dernaro has too many of them or that they angered Darcden too much
  15. Important: Darcden is a great power, so you will need to acquire this item first if you want to play as them. Premise (should be followed): Darcden is a great power that has no desire to expand any further except if it happens through defensive wars. They see themselves as protectors of Bauleura and will usually try to intervene if outside forces threaten their Bauleurian cousins. Darcden is also distrustful of big powers within Bauleura itself, such as other great powers or empires and keeps an eye on them. The same goes for troublemakers like Arjarc. In short: They view themselves as some sort of Bauleurian guardian that wants to keep the balance of the continent while protecting it from countries of other continents. Possible goals: - Keeping the Dernaro empire in check - Keeping outside forces out of Bauleura - Forcing Jaymazra to give up the lands in Bauleura they are holding, even if through violence - Keeping an eye on Monoria (but without intervening, even Darcden is weak compared to the "continent of war") - Stopping Arjarc plunderers from raiding coasts Difficulty: Medium. They may be a great power but their self-set goal always keeps them on their toes and they are not officially accepted as "protector of Bauleura", so you have to actively warn and stop countries that go against their views.
  16. Capital: There is no real capital Language: Arjarcain Demonym: Arjarc Government: Anarchy Year of establishment: Around 800 AEE Has Datanet: No Lore entry The Arjarc are a barbaric people that usually raid coasts of other countries or engage in conflicts with their hated neighbor Lufdurus. They do not really have a government and are an anarchy, so you will have to deal with a complicated government system if you decide to play as them. They do not have it easy since they are a bit behind in technology but they make up for it with numbers and the fact that they can overwhelm others with their horde tactics. They are proficient seafarers and can use this to protect themselves from others by not even letting them set foot on their lands. Possible goals: - Getting back the lands that Lufdurus stole from them in the past and possibly conquering Lufdurian lands on the continent - Expanding in the region southeast of them - Avoiding problems with Darcden, they will keep their eyes on you - Raiding coasts to get rich - Unlikely due to the fact they are barbaric but you could try your hands at colonizing Difficulty: Very hard, they are in a bad position with strong neighbors, are inferior when it comes to technologies and not really liked by others due to the fact they are a barbaric horde. Getting anywhere with them is a challenge.
  17. Capital: Barnek Language: Wajrg Demonym: Wajrgian Government: Single-party dictatorship Year of establishment: Around 2755 AEE Has Datanet: No Lore entry Wajrgen is a dictatorship that disguises itself as a democracy even though the same party always wins and the others are just there for decoration (and controlled by the ruling party). Their citizens have almost no right and live under an oppressive rule, however, the government still tries to make their lives comfortable. You could say the population is brainwashed. Surprisingly enough, Wajrgen is not completely isolationistic and upkeeps a few diplomatic relations, as long as they don't question their government. Possible goals: - Keeping the population under control - Expanding their borders, most likely through aggressive actions - Upkeep a strong military to protect the country - Trying to avoid coalitions by being not too aggressive Difficulty: Hard, playing as a dictatorship isn't easy since you could always become the target of a revolution or countries that had enough of your oppressive government.
  18. Capital: Warsenberl Language: Orvisnian Demonym: Orvisnan Government: The jurisdiction is in charge of everything Year of establishment: Around 380 AEE Has Datanet: Yes Lore entry Orvisna is a country of justice fanatics that often tried to meddle with the affairs of others. They see themselves as some sort of Bauleura guard and do not tolerate any lawbreakers or any kind. Their laws can be extremely strict or even nonsensical but they have the lowest criminality in the world and strong Champions. They also hate Non-Eophrims. So, how about you try to spread justice to others? (Even if they don't want to) Possible goals: - Offering other countries guards for payment to reduce their criminality - Threatening pro-Non-Eophrim countries - Keeping a close eye on your neighbors - Denouncing dishonorable countries - Possibly help the Post-Eophrim Amalgamation - Wars are possible but Orvisnans usually try to avoid them Difficulty: Medium to hard, they aren't in the worst position but their questionable reputation can complicate things
  19. Capital: Sarindas Language: Chierresian Demonym: Chierresan Government: An Essence Council forms the government - people that are believed to be particularly close to the Essence and are masterful Supplicants Year of establishment: Around 490 AEE Has Datanet: Yes Lore entry Chierresa is a country that tries to uphold a close relationship with the Essence. Aside from that, there is not much determined about them, so feel free to change as much as you want as long as it keeps their premise. Possible goals: - Trying to spawn Essence research breakthroughs - Founding a confederation with Lufdurus and maybe other countries - Trying to keep things neutral or amicable with Orvisna - Not really ambitious, so wars are less likely Difficulty: Easy, there aren't really any threats to them and they are well-liked.
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    Face claims

    This is a list of anime/game/etc. characters whose looks are already used by players, so you do not accidentally use one that is already in use. If you want to reserve one without using it yet, go to the membershop and buy the reservation (it's not too expensive). BlazBlue Iron Tager - Adoptables (can be removed if you want him for something else) Lambda-11 - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Guilty Gear Axl Low - Adoptables (can be removed if you want him for something else) Majikoi Ootomo Homura - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Metal Slug Marco Rossi - Adoptables (can be removed if you want him for something else) Monster Musume Suu - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Persona 5 Ryuji Sakamoto - Adoptables (can be removed if you want him for something else) Sabbat of the Witch Nene Ayachi - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Under Night-In Birth Linne - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Working!! Takanashi Izumi - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else) Ys Sarai - Adoptables (can be removed if you want her for something else)
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    Hello there! Recently My site advertised here and when I checked the Ad I found that it was not there. It wasn't that the post wasn't there, but when I opened it I couldn't read the ad. There wasn't an ad. Just this: Template forums/front/topics/postContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I am not certain what is wrong. I took my Adblock off to see if that was it, but it was not. I have taken note that all of the ads I've looked at are the same. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope this can be remedied.
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  23. INDEX | STORY | LINK BACK PLUS PLUS is a Shaman King AU roleplay that focuses on the traditional tournament and the disaster surrounding the corrupted Shaman King. The previous winner of the Shaman fight tournament after doing his duty, fell victim to the twin comets influence. His desire, his newfound wish, was to rewrite the age-old tradition. To maintain his kingship and grow stronger as time passed on. To rewrite the entirety of the world as he deemed fit. Characters all have a chance to enter the tournament and decide their goals individually. With the existence of corrupted spirits and shamans dubbed casually as 'Hollows', the overarching goal now has various tasks to complete alongside it. Our site philosophy provides a minimalistic character application with an almost free-form combat system. We welcome roleplayers to a dynamic and exciting community.
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    By Tooth and Claw Dragons

    THE PAIN OF LOSS. OF DEATH. OF DESPAIR. we all know it, fear it, hate it. but can you rise above it and conquer your heart? HIGH FANTASY | 80+ SPECIES | WELL ESTABLISHED | 10+ WORLDS forum - website - newbie guide - mentoring project - the plot ...and plenty of freedom to do what you want, instead of what's expected.
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    Infinite Loop

  26. PLOT & RULES | GETTING STARTED | WANTED ADS We are a Real Life Roleplay site focused on enriching character driven stories through events, newspaper headlines, radio broadcasts, and even death. Set in modern day Connecticut, our background plot follows the on-goings of a small town with a murderous past. Whether your character explores it is up to you. Life is about choice - this is your story. Our goal is to provide a place where you will feel comfortable writing it. Come join the fun!
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