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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
  • Tensions between Darcden and Jaymazra are on the rise since Jaymazra is still in the posession of Bauleurian land that does not belong to them. Could this lead to a major conflict in the future?
  • A Tainted Core smuggler incident in Xenxin showed how bad their security is. The government is still trying to cover everything up.
  • The world-famous explorer Walldos challenged adventurers and explorers all around the world to reach the end of the Culm Ocean first. Will we finally learn what can be found there?
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  2. http://devilstattoo.jcink.net A small mountain town in the Appalachians of Kentucky, there is more to this place than meets the eye. Werecreatures of various kind have made their home in Pine Creek, with some humans siding with them, while others still remain oblivious to their existence. Badgers, cougars, coyotes, wolves and various nomads are attempting to survive here, but something darker lurks in the shadows of the tall mountains. Devil’s Tattoo is an original fantasy-themed, modern setting, small town roleplay, with humans and werecreatures as playable species. Character growth, clan politics, interpersonal interactions, suspense, action, criminal undertone, and mystery are at the core of the game. Let Your Demons Run.
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    No Books of Men

    Hidden deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, lies the sleepy town of Columbiana. A quaint college town, Columbiana seems to all the world to be a safe little town where students and residents alike go about their lives in peace. Beneath the surface there lurk numerous secrets however, a secret both wondrous and terrible. Magic is real and those who can work it are drawn to Columbiana University where they learn their craft unseen by mortal eyes. Creatures from outside of our reality find the walls between worlds thinner in the Valley and prey upon the locals. Conspiracies, some older than civilization, control the flow of information into and out of the town. Worst of all, deep in the caverns below the valley, something ancient and terrible stirs in its slumber and dreams of the havok it will unleash when it finally awakens... Columbia welcomes you! Come open your mind to the ways of magic and see what lurks in the shadows... INDEX | PLOTS | DISCORD
  5. The Sage King ruled a large part of southern Marhnzon and was the founder of a whole culture group - Sondrikom being part of that culture group. After the Empire conquered Sondrikom and transformed it into a region of the Empire, they swapped out the old government - a bunch of corrupt politicians - and replaced them with a governor that is part of Jerhuk and born there. However, said governor is not the most loyal person although he/she knows that doing anything to harm the Empire will be a deathwish, so he/she has a different plan: there are legends of the legacy of the Sage King and it is said that the person who gets their hand on it will be acknowledged as the Sage King's rightful successor, giving them rulership over his old realm. Of course, this is just a legend but the governor thinks that the people of the Sage King's culture group would follow it and make him/her their new king. The legacy of the Sage King is said to be somewhere in his former realm and could be in Sondrikom, Azzom, Dargnur or somewhere else. However, the Empire also knows about this old legend and the Senate has ordered Loyalists to look for it. If the Etingnean Empire can get their hands on it, it would mean that they could make a claim on Azzom and integrate them without any war - an opportunity they do not want to miss. They also know that the governor is up to something, so they keep a close eye on him/her. Will the Empire be able to find it? Could the governor manage to get his/her hands on it to see if the legends are true? Or could someone entirely else find it? No matter what happens, the Etingnean Empire will not allow anyone to get their hands on Sondrikom, Azzom, and the other former regions of the Sage King they conquered...
  6. The Tariel are a secret society that has been around for ages, probably around the time Aeon disappeared or a bit after or before it. Fact is, they have been around since the Age of Foundation and carefully watched Horhsal's history. Sure, they don't have influence everywhere and less so in present times compared to earlier ages but they are still around and carefully conducting their plans. What exactly these plans are is hard to tell, especially the question what their ultimate goal is. Tariel might be responsible for a few cases where information in history was lost, forcibly removing it so it will not be remembered or does not fall into the wrong hands, like what the strange powers of the Ladunrians were and even a few reports of the last Atypian Emperor before the Colossal Chasm was created. It is hard to tell why they removed such pieces of information from history, be it for their own gain or because the information might be dangerous. Their "work" became a whole lot harder in the Age of Expansion because of the rise of archaeologists and historians, quick information exchange through the Datanet, and stronger governments. As such, they have been less active when it comes to their usual doings and focused more on other matters, like building up an information network, earning money, getting more members, and the like. The Tariel are still a mystery and nobody can be sure whether their intentions are benevolent or vile.
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    A Dream of Spring

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    Transformed Essence Weapons

    Overview If you use the Core of an Essence Being with an Essence Weapon, it could happen that your weapon permanently transforms, meaning you can not revert the effect. This would change its looks and give it new abilities. It would basically become a young, average, old, ancient or legendary Essence Weapon, legendary ones being the most powerful. The Cores of Young Essence Beings are the weakest. The chance to get the Core of a legendary one is as good as zero since they are legendary for a reason, meaning you cannot give one to your character because you want to. Ancient cores, too, cannot just be given to a character because you want to and need to be earned. Ancient weapons, although the name is misleading since the weapon itself is probably rather new and Essence Weapons have only existed since the Age of Construction, are extremely rare. A few hundred ancient Essence Weapons exist while only a handful of legendary ones exist, mostly used by people that are just as legendary as them. Both Essence Weapon models that use the old or the new design can be transformed this way, so it was already possible to create them in the 38. century. Only Post-Eophrims can make any real use of Essence Weapons. Non-Eophrims can still hold them and swing them around like a normal weapon but that is it. They cannot make any use of their abilities and would not even be able to replicate Essence Weapons because they were specifically designed for Post-Eophrims. Creation You cannot just slam an Essence Weapon and an Essence Core together and hope the weapon will transform. You have to consult a weapon crafter, like a blacksmith, who is experienced in doing so or be one yourself. There is a complicated process behind the unification of the two which can go wrong if you try it as an amateur. You should, however, consider that a transformation is permanent and cannot be changed back, so you will lose the Essence Core and the weapon will stay in its new form. If you find a Core of a higher rank with a better ability, you will probably need to throw your old weapon away, sell it or keep it to use it as a replacement. Abilities Other worlds may have special, unique powers that come from a person but Horhsal is a bit different in that department (if you ignore racial abilities, Aptitudes and the like) since unique powers are tied to transformed weapons. This may sound strange or limiting but it has one big advantage - you are not tied to an ability that you have to keep all the time. Don't like the ability of your weapon any more or want to get a better one? Get rid of the old weapon. Of course, there are still certain rules to all of this since weapons do not just have abilities of their own at first. To give an ability to an Essence Weapon (and only Essence Weapons) you need to infuse the Core with the weapon, just like explained above. This will not only give the weapon an ability but also changes its looks depending on it. But WHAT abilities exist? A good question. Almost anything you can think of and that makes sense within the world and not all of them have to be of an offensive nature. There is also the rule that you cannot alter the world itself, which means no time manipulation, dimensional stuff or something similar. OP abilities are also banned and you cannot have ones that make you automatically win any fight. If you are not sure if something is allowed, it is always better to be on the safe side by asking. Some examples of abilities would be: Spawning an energy shield around you or someone else (this is best used on a shield but can still work on a weapon). Elemental based abilities like fire (but only one per weapon). Reflection (which needs perfect timing and can't reflect projectiles/energy blasts that are too strong). Growth (temporarily increasing the weapon's size). Berserker (Increasing your attack but dropping your defenses or strong Techniques that damage yourself) And a whole lot more. It is important to note that you can still use the same Techniques as before plus new ones that depend on the new form of the weapon. If you have a fire sword, for example, you could still use your old Techniques but decide to make them burning and you could try something new like ramming the sword into the ground to create a fire pillar. There are a lot of different possible combinations of weapon types and abilities. Now you may wonder how you determine the ability of a Core - that is easily explained. It depends on the Essence Being the Core was dropped from. Cores with abilities that transform a weapon are only dropped by Essence Beings that have an ability themselves. So a regular one that does not have any special powers will just drop a regular Core that cannot be used for transformation. An Essence Being that, for example, can spawn shields around it will most likely drop a Core with the respective ability. Or to make it more clear - if you want the ability of an Essence Being you have to defeat it first, meaning you have to fight the ability you want first. This can be extremely hard if its "rank" is high. An ancient Essence Being with a strong ability would utterly annihilate you if you are not extremely strong or not part of a powerful party. A great transition to ranks. Ranks and proficiency The rank of an Essence Being, meaning its age group, is important to determine the strength of an ability. It is possible that the same ability shows up in different Essence Beings. If you, for example, want an energy shield ability and you come across a young EB that has it, it might not be worth it because the Core it drops would be weak and this will result in a transformed weapon with a weak ability. The same ability used by an old EB would be much stronger and lead to stronger abilities once you transform the weapon. The color of the "effects" for a weapon's Techniques usually depends on the user (this has its own entry) but for a transformed weapon, it depends on the Essence Being's color. The exception to this are already colored abilities like elemental ones. Fact is, stronger Cores give stronger abilities, simple. However, you also need to have proficiency with the weapon type you are using. If you are just a beginner with a sword and try to use an old Essence Weapon that is a sword, chances are that you might have trouble or cannot control it properly. To do this, you would need to be good enough with swords and becoming proficient with a new weapon type takes a long time which is why most people prefer weapons they are actually good with. Someone who is good with multiple weapon types could even have several transformed weapons (don't forget that you can't carry around too many, though, especially big ones. Weapons are heavy. Abilities of small weapons like daggers are usually a bit weaker than bigger ones). Downsides Of course, even something as great as weapon abilities does not come without its downsides. For once, actively using the ability of a weapon will cost fuel while using ability related Techniques cost both fuel and increase your Overflow Levels - and both with a slightly higher price than usual. They are powerful but come with a higher price, so to speak. There might also be unique downsides that depend on an ability, like the energy shields weakening if you create too many in rapid succession (the weakness of an ability is not as bad with higher ranks and some weaker abilities do not have them in the first place). They could be stolen or, even though they are much tougher than usual weapons, break which means you will lose the weapon and its ability. Stolen weapons cannot be used immediately, however, since a transformed weapon is marked by its first user. This makes it harder for others to use the weapon and its ability but the effect will weaken over time until the new user is able to fully use the weapon. Might take a few weeks or even months, though. Two Bondkeepers would not have this restriction if using each others' weapons.
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    [align=center] Home | Affiliates | First Link | Link Back After the death of Jason Blossom, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge get together and investigate his death. Once they learn that Jason was killed by his own father, Clifford Blossom, everything seems to settle. That is, until the Black Hood appears. After being emotionally tortured by him, Betty, along with the rest of the gang, unmask him and he is killed and apprehended. What is next for the gang? Only time can tell. Buffy and her friends have been killing vampires. Buffy started a relationship with Angel, a vampire and realized they couldn't be together. He moved to Los Angeles to give her space. Buffy is still working during the day at the school and nights patrolling. The trauma of Tara's death and Willow nearly destroying the world, has everyone wanting to catch a break. Buffy snapped out of it and realized she finally is ready to live again. Amadaus has found a way to harness the power of Sunnydale's hell mouth and uses it to bring back some of the big bads (leviathans, vampires, demons, etc.) to get rid of the Winchesters once and for all. Seeing this, Amara with the help of Chuck bring back people on the right side (Tara, Spike, Crowley, Jo, Etc..) to balance the scales. Dean and Sam team up with Buffy and the gang to take him and the other big bads down. (vampires are killed like Buffy's vampires and the demons and other villains are killed like the Supernatural verse. All big bads are to be NPCd.) Along comes Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne. A group of hunters that team up with them to take down their enemies. Will they stop Amadaus before he can complete the spell? [/align]
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    ♦ Roleplay Site with open IC leadership opportunities, group-creation, etc. ♦ You may play any kind of race/species, real, mythical, fandom, or original. ♦You may have any abilities you wish. ♦ All plots can tie into the main lore and story, and new events may come of it. ♦ No wordcount! Bios are optional! ♦ Creativity and freedom are encouraged! Welcome to a place where everything you imagine can exist. You have the chance to swing the tide of plots or significantly alter the world with the things you create. Simple overarching lore unites differing ideas, giving unlikely characters a chance to meet. ♦ ♦ ♦ In the beginning there was a world so vast that there were few natural laws that could dare try to govern it. After a calamity that brought upheaval to the very geography of the planet itself, three societies now find themselves at odds with one another: Two continents, one flowing with fantasy and magic and the other thriving with science and technology, now stand with but a sea strait between them. All at once the land of magic finds its protective barrier fizzling, its everlasting peace now falling into question: who will enter their territory, and what will happen to their current way of life? Meanwhile the land of technology is locked in a shadow war with a group of supernaturals that plague its nation; in a desperate bid to quell the rising wrath of these terrorists, the country has facilitated a new order that allows law-abiding supernaturals to live peacefully, hiding in plain sight as normal citizens. Beyond them both lay a realm of darkness and evil, from which demons and monsters reach out to grasp the mortal plane, seeking only to corrupt and destroy. With whom will you take your stand? links INFORMATION ♦ RULES
  12. Character this wanted ad is for: Estal Character information 1 - the former Emperor: The former Emperor, Estal's father, was in charge before he gave up the throne for his daughter. He had to retire earlier than planned because of reasons - either a severe injury or sickness - meaning that Estal is still rather young for a ruler although she is over 18, at least. The former Emperor was a wise but strict ruler who was able to expand the Empire's borders by conquering the country of Zedanzar which needed multiple invasions because of their fierce Champions. He even promoted one of their people to a general to calm the Zedanzarians which worked somewhat well. There are still people, like some Senators, that mourn his retirement and would rather keep a seasoned and highly experienced ruler like him but he has a lot of faith in his daughter and still tries to support her, even with a weakened body. He should either be a Floraph or something else. However, if his wife is not a Floraph then he has to be one. Character information 2 - the mother of the Empress: The mother of the Empress (and her siblings) and the former Emperor's wife who is still devoted to him and accepted his decision to retire together to make room for Estal's rulership. She is still healthy and could potentially rule but she is not a born Monetiaga which means that the people would not accept her. Plus, she prefers Estal taking over and has a lot of faith in her, probably even more so than her husband. She is a caring mother but also knows when to lecture her children, especially if they show unruly behavior that does not befit a member of the royal family. Doesn't trust some of the Senators and watches out that nobody tries to exploit Estal when she is around. Other than that, she can be a bit embarrassing from time to time and still treats her daughters like young girls and her sons like young boys sometimes. She should either be a Floraph or something else. However, if her husband is not a Floraph then she has to be one. Character information 3 - siblings of the Empress: The other children of the Emperor that were not chosen to become the next ruler because Estal's Essence affinity was higher than theirs. Because of this some of them can either be older or younger than her, meaning she is not the oldest. Her siblings all have different opinions about her although the oldest ones could tend to be jealous because she was chosen and not one of them (not all of them have to be like that, though) while the younger ones are usually more accepting (which not all of them have to be). Estal still tries to have amicable relationships with all of them and most of them (or all) live in the mansion of the imperial family, so they share the building they live in. Some of them also hold political power because of their royal blood while others chose to do something else. There is no set number. They have to be Floraphs - the only exception to this is if one of their parents is not a Floraph in which case they can be either (if you don't want to have a Floraph, you have to wait until their parents get taken). Character information 4 - other members of the imperial family: This means grandparents (of which there can only be four), uncles, aunts, parents of aunts/uncles, and cousins of Estal and her siblings. They usually hold less power because they are not part of the "main" branch of the imperial family (except Estal's grandparents) but they can still influence a few things here and there depending on the person and their position. It is also possible that one (or two but not too many) of them is a Senator or jealous of the main branch. Races are a bit more lenient in this case but you should still consider parents + children. Like, a child has to have the race of one of his/her parents. Other notes: Estal is not devoted and has no children. She is pure.
  13. Character this ad is for: Balthar Character information: Balthar is one of the naggiest, grumpiest and most annoying people to have ever walked on Horhsal. He always complains, talks about himself, disrupts serious moments or conversations, and always has his chicken-like animal friend called Jack around. However, he is an amazingly talented Supplicant and knows how to make use of powerful Essence Pleas while being knowledgeable about various topics. You could learn a lot from him if he doesn't annoy you to death beforehand. And this is where the character ad comes into play because it is for his apprentice, a young fool who decided it would be a great idea to follow Balthar as their master, only to recognize how horrible he is. But it's too late for them to step back now, so the apprentice decided to stick with him, trying to endure his escapades and maybe even learning to understand him to make him a bit more tolerable. Balthar's apprentice would be a Supplicant that follows Balthar on his travels and usually tries to keep the group safe since Balthar is a walking time bomb that always seems to end up in some kind of trouble. As such, his apprentice should have a thick skin and be ready for anything. Oh, and don't forget to feed Jack regularly or he will peck you nonstop. Other notes: The best possible age would be 17-24 and don't forget that this character is just an apprentice, not a master Supplicant or anything.
  14. I added another request for this one.
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    BTACD: immersive high fantasy

    come for our stories; stay for our family... HIGH FANTASY | 80+ SPECIES | WELL ESTABLISHED | 10+ WORLDS forum - website - newbie guide - mentoring project - plot - deviantART ...and the freedom to do what you want, instead of what's expected.
  16. The Corrupted Goods smuggling ring is an internationally active - as the name suggests - ring of smugglers. They focus on Tainted Essence Cores but also smuggle other goods, like stolen Solid Essence or things that are forbidden in specific countries. Their dealings with Tainted Cores are dangerous - since accidentally directly touching them will taint you - and they are always hunted by the Purifiers of the Essence, the natural enemy of the smuggling ring. They get their Tainted Cores in different ways, like contracts with heinous Core hunters, stealing them, baiting Tainted Essence Beings and trying to destroy them and so on. The smugglers try to be as secretive as possible because they, despite their influence and high numbers, are not really that strong as an organization. Their smugglers are rarely that strong and some of their higher-ups are too greedy to hire expensive bodyguards which is why they try to not get into fights when possible. They, however, do not shy away from using violence on easy targets or blackmailing people. When dealing with other illegal organizations they usually try to stay clear of trouble. Their clients vary greatly although there are a lot of rogue scientists buying Tainted Cores to experiment on them. Some people even buy them as "weapons" by touching other people with them.
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    Canons - Wanted - Advertise
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    HOME | PLOT | SPECIES | CANONS | WANTEDS | ADVERTISEMENTS A small city in Massachusetts, Tempest Harbor has found itself at the epicenter of supernatural living for quite some time. With a brewing war between two werewolf packs, the unsettled vampire community, and two witch heirs that are coming into their own as leaders, much remains distressed within the harbor. As tourist season comes and goes, the supernaturals see an ever occurring flux and wane with their population, although this season, their population took an even greater hit. The joining of forces is needed as a new extermination organization has started to infiltrate their haven. But with their own mess of problems, who will look at the looming threat on the horizon? Tempest Harbor is a modern supernatural fantasy roleplay for mature players (18 years and older). With two application forms, 6 species to choose from, and a welcoming community, all are welcome to join us.
  19. home — premise — face claims — discord
  20. Just when Estal was about to leave one the other servants came running. "Excuse me, your Majesty, but the Vanderbrant's have sent a message. It appears that the gala will be postponed because of some personal problems. They are very sorry but will be present during the festivities of the coronation ceremony.", the servant says, delivering his message. Estal looked a bit disappointed but still showed a smile. "I hope it is nothing too severe. Send them back a message of our understanding and if they might need any help." The servant nodded and went his ways to write a message in response to the one the Vanderbrant's sent. Still, Estal was curious about what might have happened but would not pry into private matters of others. An Empress needed to be tactful as well. She also needed to prepare the coronation ceremony, so she would use this to put more time into it.
  21. [align=center] Enter a world of samurai, empires, honor and mysticism... Plot Rules Face Claim Lore Canons Join Link Back Dance of Dynasties is a unique, original ancient world fantasy roleplay inspired by the various cultures of East Asia. We are an intermediate - advanced roleplay site, but that doesn’t mean our grammar is perfect, or that we’ll never make a typo, nor does it mean we write 1000+ words, or expect that from you. It is meant to invoke an advanced level of thought when it comes to creating a character and integrating that character into a bigger picture. There is, however, an expectation that our members are able to create compelling characters and weave intricate plots that involve multiple players. Plots that can, and very likely will, change the course of events board wide. There is no static plot, no pre-determined end goal. It is known that throughout history empires have risen, and empires have fallen. For this next generation, the dance of dynasties has only just begun. + Jcink Premium + Must be 18+ to join + No Word Count + No Post Requirements + Free Form Application + Premium Cbox and Discord + Tons of Canons + Friendly and welcoming staff [/align]
  22. Estal was so wary of her hair because of a reason. There was someone who accidentally stepped on it and almost got sent to the imperial tribunal if she had not intervened and said it was fine. Since then, people try to stay a bit away from her when behind her as to not step on it. Estal still smiled, however. "All this talk about my hair is kind of... funny. It feels like something regular women would talk about. You know, women that are friends and spend time together, maybe even go to the city and eat somewhere. Too bad I cannot do that, everyone would lose their mind." She sighed again. Don't get her wrong, she liked being the Empress and fulfilling her family's duty of rulership but there are a few times she wished she could do "normal" things once in a while. Not even daily, just here and then. Spending almost all of her time in the manor and palace could get a bit restrictive after a while, and there are duties here and duties there. It sure was not easy to lead an empire even if most regions were ruled by governors and there was the Senate to help out. Speaking of which, Estal thought that she should probably get more in touch with the current Senate and learn more about its members. After the coronation would be a good time for a meeting with the Senate. Estal's hair was finally in check after a while and the servants that helped out were pretty proud of themselves - the beast was tamed once again. "It's so pretty.", one of the maidens said while the other one nodded again. "Alright, I feel like we are good to go now. The gala is held at Vanderbrant's place, correct?" Estal asked to be completely sure. The Vanderbrants were not the highest standing noble family in Etingnun but they were still famous and branches all over the world, their main one living in Drufalga. Having Drufalgian nobles here, even though this branch has lived here for generations, was interesting and helped to keep amicable relations with the great power even though the Empire and Drufalga were just acquaintances and not actual friends but it was better than being completely neutral.
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  24. MOORLAND MANOR An 18+ diverse, character driven, historical rp set in 1899. FAQ ♦ Policies ♦ Registration ♦ Claim List
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    Starlight Academy

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    Affiliate with us!

    Hi, I'm an admin for Summers Past, a current affiliate of yours, just popping in to let you know that we've had a change of site URL. We'd really appreciate it if you could update our button with our new code: <a href="http://summerspastrp.com"><img src="http://files.jcink.net/uploads/summerspast/affyimg.png" border="0" title="Summers Past" /></a> Thanks!
  27. The Disciples of Aeon are a philosophical group of people that non-religiously worship Aeon, the man who founded the Grand Assembly and is believed to be the first person to use Essence Pleas, as a hero. They are exhilarated by how strong his connection with the Essence was and want to do the same which is why their main goal is to become as close to the Essence as possible. The Disciples of Aeon want to live in harmony with the Essence and achieve full mastership over their Essence powers, no matter if a Supplicant mastering Essence Pleas, as Aeon did, or someone of a different Aptitude without Essence Pleas. Their philosophy also deals with the questions of how to deal with Essence Beings, power consumption using Solid Essence and how to reach full unison with the Essence. The Disciples are mostly peaceful but there can be bad apples here and there that get a bit too defensive or even aggressive when someone is openly against the Essence or does not care about Aeon. Some of them even go so far that they attack Core hunters. These Disciples are usually shunned by the more peaceful ones but since they are not an actual organization it is hard for them to keep all Disciples in check.
  28. Essence research of Ersting Kiraty, log #135 This entry is not actual research per se since I am mostly using material that has been known for a long time, so I will note this down as a summary with my own thoughts about the subject. The Age of Foundation, when Post-Eophrims and the first nations were still young, was a time of hardship for our ancestors. From what I have read they had to face the danger of possible extinction. I do not know much about this period but, apparently, aggressive and big monsters and animals were much more common back then and a real threat to people. There were also savage Non-Eophrims that actively threatened them but a lot of people like to leave this part out to not make people hate Non-Eophrims that had nothing to do with it. Not that I care much about them, either way. Old reports say that people did not have many Essence powers back then. No Aptitudes - which came to be in the Age of Construction - and not even Essence Pleas. Just a few people that could make use of inner Essence Energy and I doubt they were even remotely as strong as most fighters nowadays. It is interesting how we were still able to survive and all of this makes me wonder if Eophrims were able to use Essence powers. Historians tend to say Yes and I am inclined to say so as well. What they were capable of, however, I cannot say but I doubt it was anything special, otherwise, there would have been no need to evolve into new races. Mind you, all of this is just what I think and Eophrims are not my specialty. Anyway, there was one person to save our ancestors from certain doom. This person is still known as Horhsal's hero and the founder of the Grand Assembly. Sadly, there is not much known about his early years and even his name was lost to history - or he just never told anybody. All reports about him make it certain that he was known as "Aeon". Maybe that was his actual name, maybe it was just his alias, I do not know. The point is that Aeon is Horhsal's greatest hero. Some other reports say that he was probably the first person to ever use Essence Pleas - and masterfully as well - and that he used this power to defeat as many hostile creatures as possible but one person alone could never defeat millions of threatening creatures all over the whole world. This is why he used his powers to become well-known and gather people around him. More and more and more until whole countries and later continents learned about him, gathering new hope. He used this popularity to bring the most influential leaders of that time together. This led to the foundation of the Grand Assembly. They wanted to make him the leader but he refused and believed that the leaders of countries should be in charge of the Grand Assembly, using it as a tool to work together. I am impressed by how one person was able to do that. Well, that is what the history books say, at least. All these stories about him founding the Grand Assembly are nice and all but I am more interested in his powers and his relation to the Essence. History books tell about how Aeon had a relation to the Essence like nobody ever before or after him and that this close relation led to him gaining Essence Pleas. He was known to have achieved an unison with the Essence, a transcendent state of being that allowed him to communicate with it with no delay or misunderstandings. Despite all this, it seems like he was still not able to understand the Essence in actual words but it is said he was still able to grasp what it wanted, probably through his mind and his very being. Fascinating. People can still reach a similar state that allows them to become absolute masters of Essence powers and reach almost unison with the Essence but not quite like him. Not because he was chosen or special, however. Sadly, he never told anyone how to become this close to the Essence, possibly in fear that the wrong people might abuse it. Looking at the history after the Grand Assembly, I can say his worries were warranted. The most interesting part, however, is the fact that he was probably "assimilated" into the Essence. You might now think "But people can turn into Essence Beings, isn't that the same?" and while I thought so at first it looks like this case was special. He did not turn into a mere Essence Being or into Essence Energy but his body, maybe even his existence, dissolved and was absorbed by the Essence itself. Again, this is what history books tell and I am inclined to believe it since some of these reports have been written by himself. Or rather, his last report ended with his intention to "give his life to the Essence". After that happened, it is said that a few people all over the world were able to use Essence Pleas as well now. There are two big theories for this. Either his absorption into the Essence made his ability available to other people or he used his last conscience to make a "wish" to the Essence to save his people and the Essence granted it. The people that were able to use Essence Pleas were an important asset to strike back at our ancestor's enemies and more and more people were able to use Essence powers, even though they were still weaker than Aptitudes but they gave them a fighting chance. Until Essence powers became a common thing for almost everybody - with the exception of people that can become Repudiators nowadays. The second theory is highly interesting. The Essence granting you a "wish". Hm, maybe... Anyway, the story of Aeon led to many people worshipping him as a hero and there are still people around that want to achieve unison with the Essence similar to how he did. I am not a Disciple of Aeon but I can respect their goal and their wish to become as close to the Essence as possible. I will conclude this report now. It was most interesting to read about all of this again and inspired my thought process. - Ersting Kiraty, high-ranking scientist of the Atypian Royal Research Facility
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