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  • Zargarik is still recovering after losing most of its lands in a revolution. It is said that their government is reforming.
  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Recruiting: Courier Champion is looking for more journalists to join their team! Contact miss Aravis for more information.

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  3. A smuggling ring wanted to deliver something to a client in Meshaven. However, the delivery person went missing and now it is believed that they just stole the delivery and kept it for themselves. Whether that is true or not doesn't matter - find them and bring the delivery back. Kill the delivery person if necessary.
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  5. Gota

    Mercenary sponsoring

    A mercenary could be built but since it would not be a building owned by the country, the mercenaries have to pay for it themselves. There is a mission that could bring in enough money to construct the camp and which can only be taken by mercenaries. Or rather - missions. The group that attempts this will have to choose a sponsor which can lead to a different mission depending on the client. It is only possible to choose one since the others will hire different mercenaries after you choose one. Visganro: A great power of Monoria with ridiculous amounts of money that is seen as a haven for mercenaries looking for work since their main force consists of mercenaries. It is hard to say what their mission would be. Zacez: A great power that is highly democratic but hates Non-Eophrims. A mission from them could entail to hunt some of them but it could be something else. The Etingnean Empire: An empire that has existed for hundreds of years and is still slowly expanding. They had a change in rulership recently so there are some regions with a bit more unrest than usual that might need a control check to see if no rebels are gathering. Kurhkas: Kurhkas is a stratocracy - led by the military - that split off the Atypian Empire in the past to become its own country. They have recently gotten into colonization and might prefer to use foreigners to scout out islands to keep their main force home.
  6. There have been quite a lot of updates recently, some bigger than others but all of them should pose to be interesting. First off, the starting place has been changed to a new country called Kowarik. The interesting thing about Kowarik is that it recently got out of a revolution and has yet to find its identity as a country. It also has a small town capital since it was in a part of the old country that was not too developed. As such, most of its development will depend on players - and every character can have an influence on that, like how the existence of Wui, a cook, allows a restaurant to be build which can define the country's cuisine in the future. It is also a direct democracy and every person has a right to vote on important matters which can shape the political views of the country. The Etingnean Empire is still around and will be re-added at a later point in time. Another new thing are customizable Essence Weapons. These should only be used by players that want to invest the time and effort but can help you to make a weapon unique to you, adding minor abilities, Techniques and more to them. This also comes with the new Customizer Aptitude who can have two active customized weapons with them and also has a slight Technique fuel cost reduction. Simulgis have been re-added and have a new ability that allows them to see Essence flows and anything related to them which can be more useful than you might think at first. That's it for this update, let's hope Kowarik can help this place to finally lift up.
  7. Gota

    Choosing a project #1

    The funds when this vote was created were at 3.
  8. Gota


    Possible skin color: Normal colors Possible eye colors: All except white and black. Their eyes have a light glow to them and their eyeball is black instead of white. Possible hair colors: All Unique features: Just like Atmogis, their cheeks have a different color from the rest of their skin. However, while Atmogis have a different skin tone, Simulgis have it either be completely white or black. It is black for light-skinned and white for dark-skinned people. They also have the same color around their eyes in a circle. They have the same ears as Atmogis but without the different color of the inner ear. Atmogis and Simulgis are even closer related to each other than to other Post-Eophrim races.
  9. Kowarik is a relatively new country that is mostly shaped by the players, so you can be almost anything there and it will have an effect. However, there are still some roles that should be filled. They are not absolutely required to get things going but I'd still say that it would be good to have characters filling them around. - Politicians: Kowarik is a direct democracy, meaning that the population is the ruler. That also means the country is not ruled by a single person or party. However, there are still politicians around, mostly doing administrative work and representing the country abroad. They do not have any actual ruling power but are still important in the management of the country and the government building. - Grand General (x1 but there can be more regular generals): Every army needs a Grand General, this also holds true for Kowarik's. The army of the young democracy is still inexperienced and does not have much professionalism. Still, there should a Grand General around to guide the army and help improve Kowarik's military capabilities. Grand General can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this. - Grand Admiral (x1 but there can be more regular admirals): Just like the army needs a leader, the navy, too, needs a strong hand leading it, especially since Kowarik will require a strong navy to survive, seeing how they are on an island landmass that separates it from the rest of the continent. Grand Admiral can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this. - Captain of the guard (x1: While the army and navy are out there fighting enemies on the borders or outside the country, the guard is vital to keep the capital itself safe, catching criminals, preventing sabotage and upkeeping civil order. They may not be as numerous and strong as the army but they are still important and need a leader as well. This role can start with an Old Essence Weapon if not a Repudiator and is strong so players are not allowed to abuse this. - Civilians: The backbone of every civilization and country - the population. This includes the majority of the people, like entertainers, craftsmen, merchants, workers, and many many more. They are the key to progress Kowarik as a country and to develop the capital. Without them, no country could ever hope to get anywhere.
  10. Gota

    Sea rescue

    Meshaven's harbor is already bustling with life and activity and there are foreigners coming in from various places, looking for a new life in a completely fresh country but there are also those that sense opportunities. One of these groups of people is a band of mercenaries from Sezerro. However, their navigator turned out to be a complete idiot and accidentally damaged the ship. The mercenaries are not completely helpless but they will need support to safely reach the harbor.
  11. Throughout all the recent violence, people often forgot what's important. Happiness, love, your fellow Post-Eophrims, and the youth. Now that the revolution is over, the city can finally focus on other aspects than just war again. As such, a few entertainers had the idea to put up a show for children and youths in the entertainment district. That means it has to be child-friendly and should not contain any violence. They are not sure about what to do now, though, and could use the help of someone. Not only for ideas but also to join the show and help to make the youth happy again.
  12. Gota

    Restoring the park

    Sadly, the residential district was partially affected by the revolutionary war and not spared from damage. Most of the houses are fine and were repaired but the little park there took some damage, most of all the plant life. The city is saddened by this and would like to hire people to help restore the park and maybe even help to revitalize the plant life.
  13. Gota

    Market day

    While other parts of the capital are busy trying to restore order, the commercial district was mostly spared from any conflicts and continues to be a peaceful place. The people here, however, are inspired by their new independence and becoming a capital definitely gave a boost to the city. This is why several merchants and craftsmen are coming together to plan a big market to celebrate - and each merchant, craftsman or other civilian owning a business is welcome to participate and help.
  14. As one can guess, the situation in Kowarik is still chaotic and there are people trying to use that chaos. There are reports of bandit armies pillaging the lands while the government is still trying to get a grip on everything. This, however, cannot stand and the military has sworn to put a stop to these monsters. The army could use this to gain some practice experience.
  15. Gota

    Finishing touch

    The order within the capital has still yet to be restored. Even after the revolution is over, there are still Zargarik sympathizers around that try to stir up trouble. The new guard was just recently formed and is still not too experienced, so they could use some help in apprehending these last remnants of Zargarik forces.
  16. Gota

    First contact

    Ever since becoming independent, we have noticed that we were not the only ones to gain freedom. Arlgarik, Larnik, and Irlikgrad are other countries that were formerly under the rule of Zargarik but broke free, just like us. However, they did this on their own accord and showed no interest in forming a new country together, each of them going their own way. We should still not forget that we were revolutionary brothers once, so the government has shown interest in establishing contact with them to see what they are like and to test the waters with them. Only available for politicians, diplomats or similar people that can act as envoys.
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