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  • The Etingnean Empire got a new ruler after the old Emperor retired. Empress Estal's coronation ceremony will begin in a few days.
  • Medicence is planning to reveal a new medicine at their next exhibition.
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  2. There are rumors about a criminal organization that has started to do trafficking within the Etingnean Empire, most notably in port cities but also inland. A few of them might even be in the capital, trying to expand their illegal business. It is not exactly known what they traffick but it cannot be anything good. It is time to put a stop to them.
  3. A hunter is currently looking for support for a dangerous hunt. The being he is trying to hunt can be found in the no-man's-land of Zufey and is told to be a fearsome creature. The hunter said he wouldn't specify what it is until someone accompanies him there because he doesn't want others to steal his prey. Whatever this creature is, it should pose formidable.
  4. Gota


    A TF host from Jerhuk has a dire problem - some of her talkshow guests got injured and had to cancel their appearance on her show. As you can guess, she is in quite the jiffy now and has to look for a replacement and she is desperate enough to just pick anyone. What the show is about? She didn't say that yet...
  5. Gota


    A bishop from Krondax has to deal with troublesome individuals. Heretics that do not follow the One Beyond and instead worship the Essence as a deity. They are most likely from Quistas or learned about their cult in other ways. The situation is that the bishop needs help to deal with the heretics. He doesn't care how as long as it gets done.
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  7. A trade company that ships wares from the Etingnean Empire to the Culm Ocean often has to deal with annoying pirates that attack their ships. They appear and then quickly attack before disappearing again. The Etingnean marine is too busy hunting Culm pirates and does not see much of a threat in regular pirates. As such, the trade company is willing to pay anyone who can help them defend their ships or/and get rid of the pirates.
  8. A village in the eastern portion of the Etingnean Empire is currently under attack by a horde of slimes. They attack periodically and always end up destroying some property, hurting civilians or killing cattle. The village militia is completely overworked and cannot deal with the horde of slimes appropriately which is why the village is now looking for help to put an end to the sticky menace.
  9. A biologist and social researcher is highly interested in primitive Non-Eophrims, most of all Lanfreets and he has taken it upon himself to take one with him to the capital, studying its behavior while trying to find out if it is actually possible to educate a Lanfreet. This, however, turned out to be more troublesome than he thought and he is now looking for help to keep track of the little guy.
  10. The Etingnean Empire possesses a bit of land on the Overflowing Continent which is exclusively used to gather Solid Essence that is transported back to the homeland. The big storage buildings and processing factories are highly guarded and important for the economy and energy production of the Empire. However, one processing factory stopped all communication and there were no more deliveries coming from it. This worries the imperial administration of the Overflowing Continent and they are currently putting together an inspection group to find out what is wrong. Important: The Overflowing Continent can only be entered through special suits that make it impossible to use Essence powers, so you will need to rely on your physical abilities.
  11. The Etingnean Empire is one of the later powers to get into colonization. There are a few colonies here and there but the Empire is still new to the colonization of the Culm Ocean, making harder for them to find suitable islands to colonize. As such, they rely not only on their own explorers and soldiers but also hire foreign ones to help them. This adventure is about such an expedition and will be about an island within the Culm Ocean that is to be scouted to see if it is suitable for colonization. Who knows what may await you there?
  12. The Sage King was a wise ruler who controlled large parts of Marhnzon during the early Age of Construction. He was in control of the lands that can now be found in the southwestern Etingnean Empire, Viszun and a few other southern Marhnzian countries. It is said that he buried his legacy somewhere and that whoever can get a grasp on said legacy will be fit to rule his lands. This, of course, sparked the Etingnean Empire's interest and they devised the plan to look for and find the legacy so they have legitimate claims on a few of their neighboring countries, making expansion into that direction a lot easier. The search, however, will not be easy and there might be many that try to get in the Empire's way, either to get their hands on the legacy themselves or to stop Etingnun. Be brave, loyal subjects of the Empire and find the legacy in Her Majesty's name! The Legacy of the Sage King is the first big story of Essence of Horhsal and focuses on Imperials although others could potentially join in as well. The focus, however, is still on the Etingnean Empire and will start within the capital where a number of Imperials is selected for the search. Recommended roles: - Soldiers or guards - A Champion of the Essence - Diplomat/s - Explorers or mercenaries hired by the Empire to help with the search
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    Digimon: Lost Chronicles

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    A tainted night

    The Essence Eater got closer to finish Carner off, so he wouldn't be a problem anymore. However, a bullet hit her and made her fall back. It was Mirie's father who noticed that something was wrong. He was close by since he knew where she usually went to buy things. "You disgusting creature... Leave my daughter alone!", he said before pointing his rifle at her. There were also other guards coming in - good thing he was a captain. Weapons were drawn and powers readied. The Essence Eater had no other choice but to retreat while a few guards chased after her. Mirie's father carried her and would bring her home while a medic took care of Carner. "You are that punk... Well, no matter. I am grateful that you saved my daughter, so I will forget your former... deeds.", he said to Carner who was scratching his head now. Damn, was all Carner thought before leaving. This sure was a strange night and it might not be the only one.
  15. Heledarkik, a colonial power of Nomvul, is a big player in the colonization game and is always looking for new islands to colonize. As such, they often give out expedition missions to mercenaries and explorers, so they can use more of their people to colonize. This story is one of these missions and is about a still mostly unexplored island in the Culm Ocean that might turn out to be strange.
  16. The beginner's and lore guide were both rewritten to be shorter and more concise, so I hope this helps to make it easier to get into things. On another note, there was a bad error that made it impossible for guests to see any forum posts. This is fixed now.
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  18. Synopsis Five years ago Westeros was shaken by a fierce civil war. Four Kingdoms chose to Rebel, whilst 3 Kingdoms remained loyal to the Crown. In the end, House Targaryen was exiled and each Kingdom was left to their own devices for five years. It is now 300AC and while Westeros focused on itself, Essos has been embroiled in a Trade War which threatens the livelihood of many in Westeros and Essos alike. Worse, envoys of Essosi banks are coming to King's Landing to call in old debts. This is the price of a vacant throne, will you fill it? Game Of Thrones RP
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