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    Hey there and welcome! Feel free to look around if this is your first visit.
    This website is a roleplaying one that focuses on play-by-post RPing. If you don't even know what RPing is or have no experience you could check this guide for non-roleplayers out.

    The roleplay genre is original and a bit of science fantasy (but not sci-fi). There are different RP places (usually different countries) that can have multiple sub-genres and features.
    We are using our self-made world Horhsal into which we have put a lot of work.
    You can find the worldbuilding section in the top-right where you can also find a guide for newcomers within the OoC database.

    We'll gladly accept you if everything is to your liking! You can also contact us/chat with us if you are not a member and not sure yet.

  1. General


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    Important news will be posted here, not necessarily only about the RP site but also other areas.


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    Character roles or characters that are wanted or even essential for a specific hub or campaign. Not to be used for singular character connections but rather characters along the lines of leaders, famous people, members of specific groups etc.

    Introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about yourself, like your RP experiences and likes. We will also try to help you get settled.

  2. Roleplaying

    Places that either do not belong to a specific country, are not specified at all, only exist temporarily as RP places or are not big/important enough to be long-term places, mostly used by unbound characters.


    The Etingnean Empire was once a city-state before it rose up to become a powerful empire, covering more than half of the Faizeon landmass it is located on. However, the Etingnean conquest is still not over as they want to take over all of Marhnzon, either through force or other means.


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